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The idea of  Duck & Goose Decoy V Boards ™ is not new. Variations of VBoards ™ have been hand made for more than 100 years. What is new is the creation of a V-Board™ that can be commercially produced using state-of-the-art polymer plastics. Sitting Ducks, Ltd's president, David Barnes built a typical V-Board™ prototype out of framing lumber to demonstrate configuration and function of the V-Board™. He had a series of definite ideas and unique innovations that could improve the V-Board™ and make it available at a reasonable cost to water fowl hunters worldwide.

We have been in business for four years and have found that we have very specialized products for the hard core water fowler. Although all the retail stores that carried our products are fantastic for the all round hunter, they could not sell enough of our products to make it worth our efforts to comply with their rigorous constraints. Therefore we have decided we can reduce our prices by half if we sell directly to those water fowl hunters that want speed with their setup of decoys, save space in their boats with the compactness of our boards and have a light weight, maintenance free decoy accessory.

1. V-Board™ in open, locked position - ready to mount silhouettes.

2. V-Board in closed, locked position ready for transport.

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